Menco Pacific is currently serving as the design/build prime contractor on this design/build project to repair the existing 74,000SF softball field 2627. The project scope is to replace the deteriorated natural turf with professional grade synthetic turf in the outfield and re-grade and smooth the infield to restore it to optimal playing conditions. In addition, all trees within the field areas will be removed, including root and stump excavation, site clearing and grading. The project also includes integral striping, markings, warning track, outfield distance, foul ball signage, new home plate, all bases and fencing windscreen replacement. Menco pacific will demolish existing irrigation lines and cap at the source. Utilizing the existing potable water structure, new lines will be added to provide quick coupling tie-in points at the four corners of the field, as well as at the pitching area. Drainage is a key part of the sport field design. The 30+ year old outdoor field surface is used 16-18 hours per day by a recorded monthly average of 10,559 patrons. The facility is used for a myriad of outdoor training, conditioning, sports and special events to support mission readiness, health and fitness and improve quality of life. Repair of the field and installation of the artificial turf will provide a better playing surface which is more durable, safer, and less costly to maintain.


This Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) or JOC-like contract encompasses all fencing requirements as needed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. This contract vehicle utilizes task order delivery as fencing is required. The contract capacity is $4M, of which Menco Pacific has already performed $620k through the execution of twenty-three (23) task orders to date. Scope of work on the task orders includes demolition, chain link fence, barbed wire fence, razor wire fence, gates, bollards, and clearing/grubbing.

DESIGN/BUILD INSTALL Sports Field Lighting at Youth Complex

Menco Pacific served as the prime contractor on this design/build project which included the installation of new high-efficiency sports field lighting at the Miramar Youth Sports Park Complex. The project scope included trenching, installing conduits and wiring, concrete walkway repair, backfill and compaction, and the final installation of the light poles and lights that will illuminate four sports fields. The new energy-efficient lights will save MCAS Miramar thousands of dollars a year in electricity. Special consideration was taken when construction the field lighting because often time the fields were occupied by sports, drills, or other users. Menco Pacific completed this project ahead of schedule, within budget, and with zero safety-related incidents.


This project for the U.S. Department of the Navy included the interior renovations of the laundry facilities at buildings B5110, B5120, B5210, B5310, B5410, B5420 & B5710 at MCAS Miramar. Demolition scope included demolition of existing appliances, fixtures, flooring, walls, and cabinetry. Renovation work included new epoxy floor and cove base, patched/prepped/painted all doors, walls, and ceiling grids. Installed new vinyl-coated ceiling tiles, new stainless steel counters/sinks/faucets, and metal utility shelving. Finishes included all new plumbing fixtures and new lighting throughout.


This project included the replacement of the existing vehicle wash platform in the Motor Transport Division. Menco Pacific demolished the existing vehicle wash and infrastructure and constructed a roofed, masonry-walled building to house a touch-free, single vehicle automated gantry car wash with water recycling system. Menco Pacific completed this project ahead of schedule, within budget, and with zero safety-related incidents.


Menco Pacific served as the prime contractor on this project which included the construction of a 1,200SF restroom facility at Softball Fields 2626/2627 and a 650SF restroom facility at the Mills Park area at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar. The objective of the project was to serve patrons during sporting events at the recreational field with ADA compliant restrooms and baby changing facilities. The facility was constructed to meet ADA, wind, and seismic requirements. The restrooms were equipped with porcelain fixtures, electric hand dryers, electric water heater, and handicapped accessible faucets and toilets. This project was completed on time, within budget, and with zero safety-related incidents to the complete satisfaction of the Government.

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Star Awards

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Renovate Building 81 - Naval Base Point Loma

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Functional Fitness Center - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Interview Rooms 7208 - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Vehicle Wash Platform - MCRD San Diego

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Repair Sports/Track Field - MCAS Miramar

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1229 Construct Functional Fitness Center

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1240 Repair Sports Field Miramar

The STAR safety program acknowledges contractors that go above and beyond the minimum safety requirements and demonstrate significant contributions to the Navy's safety program.


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