Menco Pacific installed a complete new roof on Building 106 at the Bayside Complex at Point Loma Naval Base in San Diego, CA. The overall objective of this project was to replace the building’s roof components to increase the lifecycle of the exisiting building. Additional scope includ-ed HVAC replacement to outdated and unusable equipment. Menco Pacific completed this roofing project on schedule, within budget, and with zero safety-related incidents.


This design/build project included the office/lab conversion at Wing 6 Building A33 in SSC Pacific’s Topside Area on the Point Loma Naval Base in San Diego, CA. Menco Pacific, Inc. served as the design/build contractor on this contract. The scope of work was to convert the interior of an existing open storage area of approximate 8,400 square foot space to an approximate 3,300 square foot of open secret lab and an approximate 5,100 square foot of open office that included a separated conference room, a break room and a men’s and women’s ADA compliant restrooms in Wing 6. The work included new walls, ceiling, flooring, painting, doors, door hardware, lighting and outlets, HVAC, condensate drain system, fire sprinkler pipe system modifications, alarms, strobes, and connection to the buildings fire alarm control panel.


This Design-Build project included the design and construction of a new tennis court facility located at MCAS Miramar in Miramar, CA. Menco Pacific, Inc. served as the design/build contractor on this task order. The new tennis facility included (2) two new courts which were coated with appropriate lines and coloration according to USTA, ASBA, and user-based requirements. Menco Pacific, Inc. provided approved concrete tennis court surface color coating system and paint with a double stripe court for USTA adult, as well as 10 and under youth standards. One court was designed to include a backboard and rebound netting. The entire tennis court facility is enclosed by a 10’ perimeter fence surrounding the courts with wind screens and gates with lockable latch mecha-nisms. Additional work included providing a central courtyard area with concrete decks interconnect-ing to walkways/courts, and two viewing areas with slabs intended for tennis spectators. The central courtyard included shade trees, 8’ wide concrete pathways connecting walkways and parking areas, a water fountain, and enhanced landscaping.


Menco Pacific served as the prime contractor on this project which included the interior renovation of approximately 6,842 GSF which was comprised of five existing rooms (200, 202, 203, 204, and 205) in B-3292 and three existing rooms (109, 111, and 201) in B-3294 located at Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA. Scope included demolition, new interior electrical system, existing doors with new hardware, raised computer flooring (Rooms 109  and 111), new suspended ceiling (Rooms 109and 111), new HVAC (Rooms 109 and 111 in base, plus optioned in Room 201/B-3294 and ECR’s 202, 203, 204, & 205 in B-3292), all rooms painted, fire life safety systems modifications, new NMCI data outlets, TRANET conduit infrastructure, and miscellaneous patch and repair for a complete and usable facility.


This design-build project included the renovation/repair of the Multi-Purpose Sports/Track Field Facility 603 at MCRD in San Diego, CA. Menco Pacific, Inc. performed as the design/build contractor on this project. The sports field is approximately 3.44 acres and the project replaced the 16’ wide, ¼ mile long (440 YDS) decomposed granite running surface around the field and repaired the recruit sport track and field with synthetic turf.  The new field included striping for a standard soccer and football fields, as well as lettering and MCRD logos. A section of the running track overlaps with an access road; therefore, the end of the track was constructed to be flush with the surrounding decomposed granite, allowing for a smooth transition on and off the track.  Additional work included the demolition and/or capping of existing irrigation lines and the installation of new lines to provide quick coupling tie-in points within the turf area at all four corners of the field. The existing field had an annual water consumption of 5,400,000 gallons to maintain the field. Because year-round training and sporting programs made it virtually impossible to provide quality field maintenance, the turf area was rutted, uneven, and worn. Standing water and muddy areas during the winter months made the field unusable. The uneven playing surface often results in ankle and knee injuries. The new synthetic turf field and running track reduced the field water consumption by 90% and provides a safer training facility for recruits.


This design/build project included the construction repairs to the dilapidated and deteriorated electrical system, structural components, and select anchor piles at the MCRD Dock & Pier. Menco Pacific, Inc. performed as the design/build contractor on this project. The electrical system had become unsafe, out of standards, and incompliance of electrical and building codes. The structural components were rusted, broken, or built substandard. Select anchor piles were constructed wrong or were missing entirely. Menco Pacific, Inc. performed all demolition, removal, and reconstruction of the electrical system and structural system to bring the Dock & Pier up to code and standards. The facility is now safe for all users.

Star Awards

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Renovate Building 81 - Naval Base Point Loma

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Functional Fitness Center - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Interview Rooms 7208 - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Vehicle Wash Platform - MCRD San Diego

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Repair Sports/Track Field - MCAS Miramar

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1229 Construct Functional Fitness Center

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1240 Repair Sports Field Miramar

The STAR safety program acknowledges contractors that go above and beyond the minimum safety requirements and demonstrate significant contributions to the Navy's safety program.


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