Menco Pacific constructed a durable outdoor functional fitness space for Marines and Patrons to Train in Building 2002. The project included concrete pavement, sport surface tiles, CMU seat-wall, electrical circuitry, potable water, drainage, removal and or modification of existing irrigation and resetting existing sewer cleanouts and utilities as required.


Menco Pacific repaired existing sport field #2507 and replace the existing deteriorated natural turf with professional grade synthetic turf. The project scope required replacing the deteriorated natural turf with professional grade synthetic turf, using EasyTurf-FieldTurf or like material in the outfield and re-grade. Menco Pacific demolished existing irrigation lines and capped, new lines were added to provide quick coupling tie-in points at the four corners of the field within the perimeter of the existing track. Drainage installation was key in the sport field design. Key factors such as movement of water onto the
field from surrounding areas, type of soil and soil depth, ability to remove excess water away from the field (storm sewer, creek, etc.) and weather factors such as rainfall for successful completion.


Menco Pacific was responsible for constructing 18'w x 92' long with 10' minimum head clearance berm to provide access for mobile generators. The shade installed was a self-supported system, by means of concrete footings stemming down 3'. Steel bollards were installed as to guard each column. A fire sprinkler system was accommodated. Aluminum gutters and downspouts will be provided for the canopy at the low side of the eave.


Menco Pacific was responsible for renovating the existing restrooms in OT-2 SPAWAR Rooms 1348/1448. The renovation included removing existing fixtures such as partitions, urinals, toilets, sinks, lights, floor tile, wall tile, pipes, valves, mirrors cabinets and ceiling tile grid.


Menco Pacific installed mezzanines inside of SPAWAR OT-2. The construction of the mezzanines consisted of erecting a 30'x70' galvanized mezzanine to accommodate storage inside of OT-2. Features include the installation of lights, and a fire alarm system to accommodate.


This Design-Build project included the design and construction of Renovation Up-grades to Cafeteria Building A-33 at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego, CA. The scope of work was to provide design and construction for the upgrades to three (3) cafeterias respectively located in Building A-33 (Topside), Option 0001 - Building 1 (Bayside) and Option 0002 - Building 600 (Sea-side) at SSC Pacific’s three different geographical areas on the Point Loma Naval Base. The intent of this project was to extend the useful life of the existing cafeteria performing restoration and mod-ernization actions. The 6,650 SF cafeteria is located on the third floor of Building A33 and includes a kitchen and serving area with indoor and outdoor dining areas. Work consisted of new partition wall construction, updated wall and floor finishes, replacement of existing window coverings, and the installation of new energy efficient lighting fixtures. Additional work provided upgraded prep and serv-ing equipment, as well as supporting fire alarm, mechanical, and electrical system improvements.

Star Awards

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Renovate Building 81 - Naval Base Point Loma

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Functional Fitness Center - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Interview Rooms 7208 - MCAS Miramar

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Vehicle Wash Platform - MCRD San Diego

STAR SAFETY AWARD - Repair Sports/Track Field - MCAS Miramar

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1229 Construct Functional Fitness Center

Contract No. N62473-11-C-1240 Repair Sports Field Miramar

The STAR safety program acknowledges contractors that go above and beyond the minimum safety requirements and demonstrate significant contributions to the Navy's safety program.


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